Clear Channel’s social and environmental commitment

Social and environmental responsibility has a high priority at Clear Channel Switzerland. Clear Channel believes that business should contribute to sustainable development to an extent that goes beyond what is required by law.

Clear Channel has worked with HWZ, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration to develop a strategic approach to the issue of corporate social responsibility, formulating appropriate measures concerning the environment, society and social responsibility (in the workplace).

With the measures already implemented and many more in the pipeline, we aim to make a contribution to globally sustainable development. And it goes without saying that our CSR strategy is under constant review and development.

Clear Channel - Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Clear Channel attaches a high priority to the economical use of natural resources, the environmental compatibility of its materials and processes, as well as to energy efficiency.

Clear Channel - Social responsibility

Social responsibility (in the workplace)

Clear Channel maintains an open communications culture based on mutual respect and a motivational working environment. Health and safety at work are a top priority.

Clear Channel - Society


Clear Channel takes its social responsibility very seriously, supporting the people of Switzerland as well as social and environmental projects at home and abroad.